• The engraving service is requested only online, we do not serve people in the shop for this service, But the client can pick up his order in our workshop.  

Ultra thin Engraving Material

Ultra thin Engraving Material

Ultra thin and Flexible Engraving Material. This material is the substitute for metal for durability and does not rust.10 times more durable than brass and aluminum

Thick self-adhesive laserable and engravable ultra thin plastic material. Great for cutouts and interior/exterior use. Lasers to Gold. Outdoor weatherable, guaranteed for three years. Can withstand temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Made in USA.

Thickness: .004
Recommended:  Small spaces, Trophy Bases, Round and irregular shapes,
Stock Colors:  Black with shiny gold -- Black with shiny Silver  (Gold with Black Letter  DISCONTINUED)

Caution: Have to be flat surfaces, the texture can be reflected in the material

PL Engraving Material (Long Term) 

PL Engraving Material (Long Term) 

Outdoor/Indoor Sheet Stock is a micro surfaced, impact modified acrylic that is weather resistant for indoor & outdoor use. It comes in several finishes including matte (non-glare), gloss and brushed metal finishes. This substrate is great for way finding, exterior branding, industrial labeling and awards and recognition.  Made in USA.

Thickness: 1/16"
Stock Colors: (Background / Letters Colors)
Gold / Black -- Black / Gold -- Silver / Black  -- Cooper / Black
Blue / White -- Red / White -- White / Black -- Black / White 
Special Colors: (Background / Letters Colors)
Silver / Red -- Silver / Blue -- Gold / Red

Laser Etch Clear Acrylic 

Laser Etch Clear Acrylic 

Material Made in USA.

Laser Etch  Clear Cast Acrylic . Interior Use. 
Engraving finish is white, we can offer full service from engraving, polishing and drilling. You only have to send us your specifications

Stock Thickness:  ¼"  ½" and ¾"
Color:  Clear with white etch

Laser Etch Acrylic Gallery

Glass Etch 

Glass Etch 

Customizable Glass Etching Service

Glass etching uses sand-like abrasives to etch or engrave various substrates. This glass sandblasting service is a process that is often used when marking crystal and glass with a distinct frosted look. 

This process is not recommended for thin glass.
Color: No color,  etch on glass finish is white

Glass Etch  Gallery


Q: Production
A: 3 to 4 days

Q: Rush Service
A: Ask first, there may be an additional charge

Q: I can see how the engraving will be. (e-proof)
A: Yes, you have the right to a proof of art, by email at no cost.

Q: Can I make changes to the art (e-proof)
A: Yes, a single correction without charge, additional changes have a cost.

Q: The cost is the total of letters
A: No, the size and material of the engraving also influence

Q: Can I use my logo or design
A: yes, it depends on the space available for the size and number of letters of the engraving.

Q: What format is the art needed?
A: Original Black and white Artwork in EPS, PDFor DXF.

Q: How do I get the logo or art to you?
A: You can email sundax@gmail.com

Q: Can I order with holes
A: Yes, 2 or 4 Holes ($ 0.75 each)

Engraving Qoute Request

In order to quote we need it to be specific and fill all the blanks.

The engraving service is requested only online, we do not serve people in the shop for this service, But the client can pick up his order in our workshop.